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There are an estimated 57,849 homeless veterans  in the United States!

Help a Homeless Vet Today!

“Our veterans fought selflessly for a greater cause, yet many return home to face challenges when transitioning from combat to careers. Let’s work together to ensure veterans get their equal shot at the American Dream.” – Brian Stann, Hire Heroes USA CEO


" Gold Cross of America and Bob Herko is doing a wonderful job of helping the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia"

Damien, AKA Mr. X

"I met Tom Walters 8 years ago when he helped me, a complete stranger to him, survive a financial crisis which was not of my own making. I was  evicted from my home, and had no place to go. Tom Walters provided a place for me to stay, as I was living at a homeless shelter with $20.00 to my name. We have been close friends ever since. Tom has very good business acumen that is not utilized at the expense of loss to other people. He is a classic example of a true Christian man."

J. Miller, Orlando, FL

"I have known Pastor Tom Walters professionally since 2009 and have interviewed him numerous times on 102 JAMZ C.B.S. Radio program. Tom Walters became a friend of the program and a friend of mine. He and Gold Cross have diligently worked with the community here in Orlando and surrounding areas to save homes from foreclosure. Tom relates well with everyone and has helped me personally with my own personal situation. Pastor Tom continues to be a tremendous asset to our community and I recommend him highly as a minister of hope, generosity and a life saver to the community and to myself personally."

Ronda Jordan, Orlando, FL

"When someone mentions Gold Cross of America it puts a big smile on my face. Thank you so much."

James M., Winter Springs, FL

"Thank you so much Pastor Walters. You have lifted a two ton weight off my shoulders. You are the kindest and your non-judgmental counseling service are much appreciated by myself and my husband who has been laid up with cancer and can barely move around."

J. & S., Rochester, NY

"Each year many never wake up, but with your support we can help many to survive and thrive with shelter, education and job skills."

Just $25 provides one blanket to a homeless person, Your $100 donation will provide 4 homeless with blankets! Your gift of $500 will provide 20 homeless with blankets and you will be a yearly member with all of our FREE benefits!
(Free benefits are outlined on SAVE MONEY page)

"We Are The Most Trusted Family Services Agency in America" 
Many freeze to death...let's make sure many more don't!


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