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Over eleven million homes were lost in this country due to foreclosure since 2008.

Five million more homeowners are in jeopardy of losing their homes this year! 

This is a national epidemic!

"The American Dream has always been that EVERYBODY should have equal access to home ownership. 

The drastic downturn in the economy coupled with the fact that mortgage terms are all too often not clearly documented or explained have turned the "American Dream" into

"The American Nightmare."



1. Refinance “Pre-Approval Have you been told that you are “Pre-Approved” for a refinance even though you are behind many months on your mortgage payments?  Why trust this pre-approval status? If you are in a foreclosure process with a mortgage company pre-approval means absolutely nothing at all! You can’t possibly be pre-approved if you are months behind in your payments and the so-called pre-approval process will only move you closer to the date of foreclosure. Do you really think that, if you are behind on your payments, a mortgage company will actually re-finance you?

2. Rent To Buy Scheme Someone offers to buy your property and rent it back to you. Should you trust a realtor to do a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure with a Lease Back Option”.  Why? Once you sign over your home to the Real Estate Company: It is NO Longer Yours! They own your home for little or nothing. What happens when you are late with only one month's rent payment?  Yes, you are evicted!

3. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Failure Do you trust that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will save your home from foreclosure? Why? A little known fact is that 70% to 85% of the homeowners who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and have trusted the Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save their homes have ended up losing their homes anyway! The chapter 13 bankruptcy temporarily stops the foreclosure and it is illegal for creditors to hound you, but what if you miss one trustee payment? A “relief of stay” may be filed with the court and you are right back to foreclosure status again.

1. Do you have FALSE HOPE?


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"THE MOST TRUSTED SERVICE": We have over 30 years of experience.

We do not want to take your home. WE ARE NOT REALTORS!

We want to keep you in your home as the owner!

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Walk you through the frustrating process and paperwork of Loss Mitigation to stay in your home

 with a lower payment.

Put a Gold Shield Around Yourself, Your Home and Your Family and Shield Yourself from the

American Nightmare!

We are the Christian Faith-Based non-profit that has been endorsed and published by these media icons:

Disney...Readers Digest...San Francisco Chronicle...Boston Globe...Bloomberg... & Family Wealth Matters Magazine!

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"I have a wife and Four Beautiful Children.

 Gold Cross of America saved our Home."

"I must tell you that, at first my wife was very skeptical about loss mitigation and if it could really work to save homes.

We had heard so much about loan modification companies that were both unethical and dishonest. Pastor Tom Walters worked with me and told us what we needed to do to qualify.

I was convinced almost from the start, that he could save our home. He was upfront and honest with us and explained the whole process of Gold Cross of America in detail. He walked us through two mortgage resolutions and each next step. My first Mortgage was with GMAC and the second with Ditech. Tom worked extremely hard and with great diligence, especially on the second mortgage, because they were very hard to work with!

Tom and his loss mitigation staff went out of their way and persevered to keep working and negotiating until both of them came up with a plan that fit into our budget and saved my home for my wife and four beautiful children. My wife is now a believer in Gold Cross of America and Tom Walters. We highly recommend Gold Cross of America to anyone who is facing home mortgage foreclosure."

Terry and Janet Crim - Martinsburg, West Virginia

Gold Cross and Gold Shield ™

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We are the Christian Faith-Based - Non-Profit - Non-Denominational - Family Services Agency that has been endorsed and published by these media icons: